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Devarius DeAndre Fitzpatrick is best known for his electrifying and witty personality that goes very well with his consistent energy and passionate opinions about social issues and life in general. He is described by many as a genuine and compassionate person who cares about the difficulties that many people go through. Through his show, he wants to highlight the importance of maintaining a positive mindset to get through adversities just as he’s done with his own past and continues to do in his current everyday life.

The rising CEO was born on August 27, 1991, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, by his grandparents. Even at a very young age, people around him knew he was destined to achieve great things someday; earning him the nickname “Hollywood” over time. As an adolescent, he began experiencing rejection, social anxiety, and sexual fluidity; and this made him struggle for a season in his life. It was, however, his optimistic personality that eventually brought him out of the darkness. While his trauma is still a real memory in his life today, he has found a way to use it to empower others going through many hurts and hang-ups. Overcoming his own trauma allowed him to pursue his dreams and live out his purpose.

Host Devarius
Host Devarius

Devarius DeAndre Fitzpatrick finished his Creative Arts and Theology course from Visible Music College. He is the first person in his family to finish a college degree, and his family could not be any happier for his achievement. After finishing college, he braved a new season and moved to Hollywood in 2017. As can be expected, he sparkled like the bright star that he is meant to be once he arrived in California. In just a short period, he was able to do collaborations and work with some of the most popular names in the entertainment industry today, including Fat Joe, Kym Whitley, Ty Dolla Sign, Angela Bowie, Kalen Allen, Malcolm “MJ” Harris, and a couple of people from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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"2021 is shaping up to be very exciting and promising for LGBTQ+ Social Media Personality, Writer, Musician, Talk Show Host, Executive Producer, and CEO of Daytime Production Studios, Devarius DeAndre Fitzpatrick as he gets ready to launch his very own nationally anticipated daytime talk show entitled “The Daytime Talk Show with Devarius.” Scheduled to premiere by Fall of 2021 on all digital platforms, Devarius promises to deliver unique, relevant, helpful, hopeful and fun content as host and producer."

Devarius De’Andre Fitzpatrick, Founder

Host Devarius

The talk show will be based in West Hollywood, California, and will mostly share good vibes and positivity with its audience. The show is inspired by Devarius’ desire to make a significant impact on people’s lives as his way of imparting how he himself found the courage and the strength to overcome life’s biggest challenges. Audiences can expect thought-provoking discussions on global headlines, the hottest trends, the latest entertainment news, a lot of laughter, and real-life sincere advice from the host’s unique point of view. Together with his audience, he will explore the exciting world of Fashion, Fitness, Music, Food, No Judgement Zone Mental Health Check-Ins and Motivational mindset.

After some time, Devarius decided to establish his own company and called it Daytime Production Studios. Developing The Daytime Talk Show with Devarius is one of his most exciting projects to date, and making sure that people will love it is his top priority at the moment.

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The Daytime Talk Show with Devarius


West Hollywood, California, USA

2:00 PM

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